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Contract No: 21/039MR 
Contract Period: 7/21/2023


Today, JOC is a method of construction procurement (Texas Government Code 2269). Originally, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Construction or Job Order Contracting was a construction delivery method. Specifically designed for maintenance, repair, alteration, remediation, or minor construction, JOC (now called IDIQ Construction) is useful when bond projects and general maintenance projects authorize quick deployment of work crews. IDIQ Construction (formerly known as construction delivery through Job Order Contracting) is a relational, performance-based contract where the facility services partner continually interacts and collaborates to provide maintenance / construction services. IDIQ Construction/Job Order Contracting has been a legal, well-recognized procurement method utilizing IDIQ delivery for public schools since 1995 and has been used by governmental entities for decades. (For additional help on the legalities of IDIQ/JOC, see this presentation.)

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Construction is different from Design/Bid/Build, but is effectively and efficiently used to pre-determine project constructibility and cost, perform renovation, remodeling, rehabilitation, repair and other maintenance and construction projects. Among the many advantages of IDIQ Construction is the deepened level of interaction between the contractor and the client. With other maintenance/construction delivery methods a contract is preceded by a legally-binding and often time-consuming bidding process; with the Job Order Contracting procurement method and IDIQ Construction delivery there is a smooth, trouble-free, timely exchange of information regarding the specific needs of the client and the virtually immediate implementation of the required work by the IDIQ Construction firm. Using IDIQ Construction through Choice Partners can save months and significant dollars, as the procurement process has already been completed and the contracts awarded.

Choice Partners has awarded several contracts that were competitively and legally proposed for IDIQ Construction and procured through the Job Order Contracting method. The Choice Partners IDIQ Construction contract specifies a Unit Price Book (most commonly used is the R.S. Means Construction Cost Data ) for delivery order pricing, ensuring that variables involved in pricing are not significantly different from the day of contract award to the day work commences.


Contact the John Castro for all your pricing needs, stating you are using the Choice Partners contract. All contracts are EDGAR compliant!

For complete information about Choice Partners please contact us or visit their website:

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