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Careers & Internships

If you are a self-starter with aspirations to help build great projects and a great company, then we want you.  Falkenberg is growing, and we’re seeking motivated individuals who are ready to roll-up their sleeves and get to work.


Falkenberg Construction, founded in 1983, has a distinct and enduring organizational culture that revolves around its family-owned atmosphere and a small business feel. This culture has been cultivated and maintained over the years, shaping the company's identity and how it operates.


We offer a full range of health care benefits including vision and dental, as well as 401K plan for every employee


Internships & Skillbridge

Falkenberg Construction offers valuable internship and SkillBridge opportunities that provide individuals with hands-on experience and skill development. These programs are designed to not only benefit the participants but also contribute to the growth of the company.

The company's commitment to mentorship extends to its interns. Interns receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the organization. This mentorship helps them build skills and navigate the construction industry more effectively.

Falkenberg Construction's SkillBridge program is geared towards helping individuals in the military transition to civilian employment. This program recognizes the valuable skills and work ethic that military personnel bring to the workforce.


Employee Testimonials

A welcoming diverse atmosphere 

Fun team oriented group happy to lend a hand  anytime you need it

Really is a great group you all have drafted together here.  Didn’t realize how dysfunctional {competitor} was until I got here

Travis McDonald, Project Manager

I really enjoy the atmosphere in which I work. Being surrounded by like-minded, highly motivated, and hardworking people doing big things with a family business feel is hard to beat.

Travis Brown, Intern

I like the family atmosphere where you can talk to anyone and feel comfortable. I Also like that it is a good environment to work in because everyone makes it easy to learn and grow. 

Nick Walker, Asst. Estimator

It’s a blessing to transition from the military and become part of a company culture where you feel appreciated, goals are addressed and acknowledge and everyone feels like family.

Tim McLaurin, Project Engineer (Former Skillbridge intern)

Falkenberg Construction provides a dynamic work culture that allows for the benefits of a smaller company, while still having the resources of a larger company. The smaller size gives you the intimate feeling that you can always lean on anyone in the company to help you learn and grow in your job, while still having the capacity to compete with the larger developers. 

Aiden Reinke, Project Manager (Former Skillbridge intern)

Falkenberg Construction is a producer of great leaders. Its commitment to fostering trust and mutual understanding between upper management and employees creates a thriving work environment. Within this setting, individuals who prioritize personal growth and demonstrate genuine care for their team will achieve success in both their professional and personal lives.

Victor Bernal, Construction Manager

A work environment with a supportive culture and collaboration among our team members fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.
Chance to work on varied and challenging projects.
We have a strong teamwork at Falkenberg building strong relationships within our organization.

Forrest Jones, Superintendent

The Teamwork concept of "We before me" creates a cohesive and supportive work environment which benefits the Team and, allows us to strongly support our Clients needs.

I would also like to mention the comradery of the people whom work at Falkenberg is incredible! 

Scott Nimmo, Project Manager

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At this time there are no open positions available.


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