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Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is a delivery method which entails a commitment by the construction manager to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), in most cases.

Falkenberg Construction has achieved remarkable success in delivering construction projects through the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) method of procurement. With their adept project management and construction expertise, they have effectively mitigated risks and delivered exceptional results. Under the CMAR approach, Falkenberg collaborates closely with clients from the early stages of project planning, providing invaluable input and guidance to optimize design, cost, and scheduling considerations. This proactive engagement ensures that project objectives are met efficiently and effectively. By taking on the role of a risk manager, Falkenberg Construction assumes responsibility for potential cost overruns and schedule delays, offering clients peace of mind while delivering projects that meet or exceed expectations. Their proven track record in successfully executing CMAR projects attests to their commitment to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction, making them a trusted partner for those seeking excellence in construction procurement.

Luminant - Comanche Peak Stator Rewind Building
City of Mesquite - Animal Shelter Addition

(Currently Under Construction)
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